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Your Heavy-Lifting Jobs Can Benefit from Mobile Cranes

One of the most important pieces of equipment on any construction project is the crane. No project can continue without the ability to lift heavy loads and shift them from floor to building, or from one location on site to another. Traditionally, static cranes were used but, the advent of the mobile crane changed the face of lifting jobs across all industries.

The general perception is that mobile cranes are not as strong as static cranes when it comes to lifting heavy loads. This, however, has changed over the last ten years. Many different crane manufacturers have invested in the design and manufacture of new mobile cranes that are just as effective as static cranes, but provide many added benefits.

There are many reasons why mobile cranes are becoming popular on building sites and other operations that require heavy lifting. These include the following:

  • They are easy to rent: It is not always practical to buy a crane for a temporary project, because the financial commitment is big, and not all building contractors can incorporate it into the budget. Renting mobile cranes provides many benefits. They can be ordered on demand, they are usually serviced and maintained by the supplier, trained operators are provided by the supplier and, when the job is done, the crane is returned. If the rented mobile cranes break down, they are simply replaced with another. Compared to a static crane, the downtime for switching out a mobile crane is low and, as a result, a lot cheaper.
  • They are flexible: Mobile cranes can move into, and operate in, spaces that will be impossible for a static crane to negotiate. Mobile cranes can squeeze into small areas, they can be moved around the site according to requirements, and they are great for construction jobs in restrictive urban spaces.
  • They are easy to set up: When compared to a static crane, mobile cranes take a lot less time to set up. Often, static cranes must be built by specialised staff, and this costs money in terms of hours and production downtime. Setting up a mobile crane is easy and takes little time – and this saves money!

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