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Mining Equipment for Rent

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Your Quick Guide to Common Mining Equipment for Rent 

The mining industry is very old, and people have been finding new ways of removing various substances from the ground for centuries. Modern mining equipment makes these processes much easier and safer, and they are improved by new technology all the time.

Anyone active in this industry should have an understanding of the types of mining equipment that is typically used in these operations. Many mining operations purchase their machines, but others rely on mining equipment for rent, because this allows them to save money and have the latest technology handy at the times when it is needed most, without having to shell out large amounts. Mining equipment includes:

  • Drills: It is impossible to penetrate ground or rock without drills and drills are the most commonly used mining equipment for rent. These drills are highly specialised and are designed for different purposes. Some are used to drill holes for explosives, others drill holes into underground areas rich in desirable materials, and others drill holes big enough for workers to use as portals to provide access to underground areas.
  • Blasting tools: Another vital part of the mining industry, these are employed to break down rocks and other hard materials underground to provide easy access to the materials being mined. Often, explosives are used to separate the desired product from rock, and to liberate waste materials so that it can be removed easily.
  • Earth movers and excavators: These are typically very large pieces of heavy equipment used to haul heavy loads of waste products from one location to another. They are vital to the mining industry and make up a big section of mining equipment for rent. They can be used to push loads, to dig out pits, to excavate dirt and soil, and to clear certain areas for easy access. They are specialised and usually require a qualified and trained operator drive them. The mining industry will be unable to function without the use of earth movers.
  • Crushing equipment: These pieces of machinery are designed to crush stones and rocks, and there is a wide range of this type of mining equipment for rent on the market. They help mining operations be more productive and they can be used to perform a variety of tasks. These machines must break down rocks to a manageable size that will allow for transportation, and can also be used to liberate certain materials that may be of value in the further processing of materials.
  • Feeders and conveyers: Once the raw materials are brought to the surface, the feeders and conveyers transport the materials to the crushers. Modern technology allows the feeders to scan the materials for size and substance, and pieces that are too large are returned to the crusher for further processing. The weigh-belts are designed to increase productivity and efficiency by regulating the rate of feed into the crushers. Often, after crushing, further processing can be applied, such as leeching, milling, or flotation.

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