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Case Tractors in Africa

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Why You Should Choose Case Tractors in Africa

The African agricultural industry is particularly tough to manage. The landscapes are rugged, terrain is tough, the climate can be severe, and exceptionally high-quality agricultural machinery is needed to keep the industry’s wheels turning. Case tractors are popular in Africa, because they can deal with the demands of this industry and, because Case is a trusted brand, it is easy to find the spares needed for repairs, service, and maintenance.

The History of Case Tractors

The history of Case tractors is ingrained in the agricultural sphere right from the beginning. The founder, Jerome Increase Case, was a farmer. At an early age, he was passionate about agriculture and the development of machinery to simplify agricultural tasks. As a child, he once read about a machine that could cut wheat, which meant that no people where needed to cut the wheat, and this stirred his interest in the development of agricultural machinery. He initially designed threshing machines that were powered by hand and, over time, improved the design of these machines and set up his own company to manufacture them. His manufacturing plant later needed better access to water for the manufacturing process and, as a result, he moved to Wisconsin and started the Racine Threshing Machine Works, which grew massively over the next few years.

He later developed his first steam-driven engine, which was used to drive his threshing machines, and this was the first fully mechanised thresher on the market. Later, he developed the traction engine, which was a huge breakthrough and the start of self-propelled engines. He also designed and manufactured twine binding machines, which were driven by portable steam engines, and became the most prolific designer and manufacturer of engines that could be used for a variety of functions. In 1904, Case developed the first gasoline tractor and, in 1922, introduced the first crawler tractor. From there, the brand grew into the successful operation it is today.

There are benefits of using case tractors in Africa:

  • Cost effective: Case IH offers remanufactured parts that are more affordable than new parts. This ensures that peak performance can be obtained, while still getting great value.
  • Better availability: Because Case tractors are widely used in Africa, there is a wide distribution network for the parts and for the rental and sales of Case tractors.
  • Great resale value: Because the brand is well-respected, and Case tractors are viewed in the market as reliable and effective, they tend to hold on to their resale value better than other tractors on the market.
  • Quality control: All Case tractors and parts undergo rigorous quality testing, and this ensures optimal performance during use. Any imperfections are immediately diagnosed and repaired, or substituted, and more effective ways are developed to improve the manufacturing and testing processes all the time.
  • Warrantees on Case parts: Because the parts for Case tractors in Africa and everywhere else in the world are quality-tested, Case offer warrantees on these parts. This provides peace of mind to the person who buys them, and further confidence in the brand.

Where to Get Case Tractors in Africa

Our team at Kanu Equipment is based in South Africa and we have distribution partners across the African continent. We specialise in the provision of high-quality heavy machinery for the agricultural, mining, road construction, and forestry industries. We are one of the best-known dealers in the country and we stock a wide range of Liebherr, Case, and Bell machinery. We also supply an exhaustive range of spares and parts for our machines through our comprehensive distribution network throughout Africa, and this means that we are always prepared to provide you with the best service available in the industry. Our aim is to reduce development costs in Africa, and we achieve this by giving our clients access to reliable machinery at all times. Our maintenance teams are highly skilled and pride themselves on their high standards of workmanship. We base our business on our values of integrity and honesty and, as a result, we only distribute the best brands and support where and when needed. We are highly responsive to the needs of our clients and seek to always increase our rate of customer satisfaction

If you are interested in using Case tractors in Africa, give our team a call today to find out more!